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PSN Summer Break - Newton Rams, West Forsyth Wolverines and Kell Longhorns Girls Basketball

West Forsyth and Kell go head to head in Georgia State University team camp

The Georgia State Panthers Women’s Basketball team hosted their annual girls high school basketball camp with teams from all across the state of Georgia participating in summer head to head competition. Like most events that were cancelled or postponed in 2020 due to COVID-19, the GSU camp was iced last summer so seeing its return was one that all coaches were excited for.

For the Newton Rams head Coach Tiffani Johnson, having the opportunity to take part in the camp “is great being able to get back out and play the games and be in the midst of basketball,” said Johnson. She added that camps like the GSU camp, give teams a chance to work on chemistry and “work out the kinks”. Coach Johnson also noted that when preparing for the upcoming season, the team chemistry that they are working on is a key point of emphasis for the Lady Rams this offseason.

West Forsyth Wolverines head coach David May, the camp gave he and his coaching staff a chance to have his players come together and spend some quality time together as a team. “Just for them to be together for the team culture makes a huge difference for us,” May said. And for areas of focus for the Wolverines, May says tempo ono both ends of the court is what they will continue to work on.

For the Kell Longhorns, time together this summer is especially important because they are now under the direction of new head coach, Kandra Bailey and as she stated, the Longhorns’ players get to “know me as a coach”. Bailey also likes the fact that the camps allows her team to get a measure of where they are in terms of what they want to work on to prepare for the upcoming season. And with being new to the team, Bailey says, playing in the camp gives the Longhorns a chance to learn her style of play. “My style of play is different than the coach before me so just understanding how I like things run,” Bailey said.

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