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PSN Spotlight - Cobb County Basketball 2021 Media Day

On Saturday, the Hillgrove Hawks hosted the 2021 Cobb County Schools Athletics basketball media day featuring boys and girls basketball teams representing the various Cobb County high schools were in attendance. This was the first time the Hawks hosted the media as the event is spearheaded by the boys new head coach, Gregory Moultrie, who started the event a few seasons ago when he was over the South Cobb program. “We’re in Cobb County where we have some of the best basketball in the state of Georgia and I’m going to make sure that as long as I’m in the county that media day continues,” Moultrie said of Saturday’s event. Moultrie would add that ensuring that all the Cobb County programs are deserving of equal support and that it was important to him that the media day provided that opportunity.

And each team from the Cobb County district was sure to take advantage of the opportunity to speak with media about the new season, including the Kell Lady Longhorns, who will enter 2021 with new head Coach Kandra Bailey leading them this season. “Hard work and winning,” is what Bailey says she’s looking forward to seeing in her first year with the Longhorns after the team got to spend the summer building and learning each other. “With a new coach, you’ve got a new system, I have to get to know them, they have to get to know me so our time together was definitely important for us to kind of get a little bit of taste of what to expect this season,” Bailey said as she and her teams gets set to hit the court this year. Hear more from teams in attendance in our PSN Spotlight on the Cobb County Athletics Basketball media day below now!


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