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No High School Football In Virginia For 2020 Season??

Earlier this week, the Virginia High School League met to discuss the start of the fall sports season and voted unanimously to delay the start if the season until they meet on July 27th to make a final decision. At this time, the VHSL has three restart options on the table and within all three options, football is not included. In the first option, the VHSL would allow all sports to remain in their current seasons, however high risk sports including football, field hockey, volleyball and cheer would not be allowed to compete. The second option would move fall sports to the spring season and spring sports to the fall season which would mean that lacrosse would be eliminated from competition. In the third option, winter and spring sports would start in their normal time frame, however fall sports would be pushed back until February. VHSL executive director Dr. John W. Billy Haun released statement saying, "It is important to remember that in all these models, playing sports in the high risk category depends on being out of the current phase three guidelines."

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