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COVID-19 Forces Annual Corky Kell Classic Out Of Mercedes-Benz Stadium

In an unfortunate turn of events, one of Georgia high school football's premier events, the Corky Kell Classic, will not host it's final day of it's four day event at the Mercedes Benz Stadium as planned. In a statement from the classic's executive director, the reasoning for the move is due to NFL protocol that the stadium must follow. That protocol would mean that on the day of the Corky Kell, which would include five games, only 6,000 fans would be allowed in attendance and after each game, all fans would have to be removed and all seats would have to be cleaned. The process would be too expensive for the events organizers, forcing them to move the final day to Mill Creek High School. Mill Creek plays Parkview in the classic on Saturday and the parking is adequate enough for large crowds. The classic games will also be the first played on the Hawks new turf.

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