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One of the Nation's Top Prep Basketball Programs, Findlay Prep Shutting Down, Maybe For Good

Findlay Prep - Photo Credit:

One of the nation’s top prep basketball programs, the Findlay Prep Pilots, are facing the fact that they may have played their final season of basketball for a while. The Pilots, who have won three national championships and have been invited to the national tournament for 11 straight years, had been in a partnership with Henderson International and had been using their gym as a home court for the last 13 seasons however, the agreement between the two has come to an end. Robbie Findlay, the Director of Operations for Findlay Automotive Group, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “We’re planning to take a year off and try to find a new campus. There’s a chance (the program would end) unless we find a good fit.” Despite the fact that Findlay said that the decision to “go a different direction” was mutual by both parties, this now leaves Findlay Prep without an accredited school that they can call home.

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