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PSN Spotlight: Langston Hughes Panthers Basketball

When it comes to winning state championships, the Langston Hughes Panthers boy’s basketball team has become very familiar with that feeling, having won the Georgia High School Association Class 6A title the past two seasons!

With the 208/2019 season underway, at just about the halfway mark, some would look at the defending champs 8-10 overall record and 6-4 region record and question whether or not the Panthers can repeat as state champs for the third straight season!

Well if you know Panthers head coach, Rory Welsh, you know the Panthers are known for playing tough non region completion early on and don’t put too much focus on their record. With just about 18 region games remaining and riding a three region game win streak, Coach Welsh and the crew feel that they are right where they want to be and are feeling good about where things can go if they simply take care of business and do the things they know they need to do.

We got a chance to catch up with the Panthers at recent practice and spoke to Coach Welsh about areas of improvement, team energy, and how they feel about their run down the stretch!

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