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Buford Wolves Keep It In the Pack, Promote Assistant Bryan Appling To Head Coach

Brian Appling - Photo Credit: Atlanta Journal Constitution

On Monday, Buford High School out of Buford, Georgia announced that they would filling the head football coach position by promoting assistant coach, Brian Appling to fill the vacancy. Appling's hiring as head coach is one that is being welcomed by the Buford Wolves community as the long time assistant has been with the program for 15 years serving under former coaches Dexter Wood and Jess Simpson, who were both very successful with the program. Appling replaces John Ford, who coached Buford for two seasons, and rose to the top of the final eight candidates after the Wolves decided to go with someone who is very familiar to the program and has been there for all five of their state championships. "There are so many things, there's so much to like about him. you have to start with his character," says Buford Athletic Director Tony Wolfe. "His integrity, his energy, the way he loves kids and the way he loves Buford," Wolfe added. Appling's previous coaching responsibilities have included safeties, linebackers, and defensive coordinator, which was his most recent position. "It means everything to me (to be Buford's head coach)," said Appling adding, "when I got here never did I dream the day would come where I would take over the program."

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