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PSN Spotlight: Douglass Astros Football

For years, the Douglass Astros football program was known for its winning ways and produced star players such as Jamal Lewis, Stanley Pritchett, Robert Hicks and several other top athletes. But then for years, the winning was far and few between as the Astros struggled to put together a winning season for almost five consecutive years. Enter Coach Rodney Cofield, who took over the program in 2012, and after few losing seasons, Cofield has the Astros on course to "restore Astro pride".

The past three seasons have resulted in winning records for the Astors, with state playoff births in all three seasons and this season, the Astros look to continue their winning ways. We caught up with the Douglass Astros at a recent practice and spoke with Coach Cofield about the upcoming season. Watch our exclusive PSN spotlight on the Douglass Astros below now!

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