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Southwest Dekalb Continues To "Climb Higher" As They Get Set For The 2022 Season

The Southwest Dekalb Panthers football team gets set to hit the field as summer workouts continue

“Climb higher”, that has been the mindset of the Southwest Dekalb Panthers football team ever since head coach Damien Wimes took over the program and as the Panthers prepare to wrap up the week before heading into the dead period, the climbing continues with a “renewed effort to doing it right,” says Wimes. “I think the kids are taking a certain pride into what we’re doing and to doing things the right way, Wimes continued, adding that he and his staff have recognized the “perseverance” their players have shown over the course of the past four weeks.

As the Panthers have worked out, Wimes also praised his coaching staff for their efforts in helping their players getting better, in particularly with their strength and conditioning. “I think our strength and conditioning staff is second to none. I think they’re doing a tremendous job developing the kids on and off the field,” Wimes said, adding that he recognizes the work his staff is doing with their players and how it is helping with them from a “discipline standpoint”.

And when it comes to the continued efforts to change the culture within the Southwest Dekalb program, Wimes says that “prioritizing” himself is an area he knows that can benefit the program for the better. “I think ever so often you have to redo some things, like your house, you have to renovate and I think you have to evolve,” something Wimes said the Panthers needed to do especially as the routine reclassification and region alignments will have them facing a few new foes along with some familiar faces.

“We have to be fundamentally sound. We have to work hard as a staff and we have to work hard as a team. And working hard doesn’t mean being at the school 24 hours, working hard means being effective the times we’re at the school and being organized to a standpoint where every minute means something,” Wimes said, adding that “preparation” will be “key” for the Panthers in their quest for a successful season.

The Panther will open up the 2022 season on August 20 when they take on Stockbridge.


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