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PSN Summer Break - Collins Hill Football National Showcase 7v7 Tournament

Collins Hill Eagles Football Host 7v7 Tournament

As teams get back to normal summer activities, the Collins Hill Eagles football team decided that they wanted to take things up a notch and host their first national showcase seven on seven tournament featuring some of the top teams from around Georgia including Lowndes, Norcross and Walton. When asked about getting the opportunity to return to summer activities with his guys, Coach Lenny Gregory said simply “what a blessing”. “I don’t think anybody appreciates this more than I do. Just to be able to be here and be out shaking hands and compete with these other teams,” Gregory said.

The two day event kicked off on Friday with rounds of showcase games that gave the Eagles the opportunity to let their younger players get some valuable reps on the field to which Coach Gregory said, “Every kid deserves a chance to play and to do what they’re being coached to do and get out there and compete and have fun,” adding that that is the best way to get “buy in from your kids.” As for why the Eagles decide to host the showcase tournament, Coach Gregory said that with colleges still slowly getting back to hosting tournaments, he and his staff thought it would be a great idea to host one. “I said you know what, I’m not going to wait on them. We’ve got a beautiful facility and I just thought what a great place to put on a great high school event and bring in some of the top teams from throughout the state and have a showcase.”

Tournament action will kick off on Saturday with first games beginning at 8AM.


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