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PSN Spotlight - Therrell Panthers Tap Former Player, Alum Broderick Jamison As New Head Coach

For Coach Broderick Jamison, taking over as head coach of the Therrell Panthers football team is more than just a new job, it’s a homecoming celebration so to speak as Jamison returns to his alma mater. A 2003 graduate, Jamison also played football for the Panthers during his time at Therrell and when the opportunity to return to the program he once a part of as a student athlete, Jamison says “It’s a blessing” to have a chance to lead the Panthers.

“I love it, to come back here, I just want to bring back the winning tradition we had back in the day when I was here,” Jamison said of his return as the Panthers new head coach. Jamison, who was the assistant head coach for Douglas County, said that when the head coach position at Therrell became available, he “jumped on it right away” and did not hesitate to accept the position once given the offer. When asked what his first order of business is with the Panthers, Jamison says instilling a hard “work ethic” is one of the main points of focus.

“Grinding every day is one of the main things we’re going to instill in the kids here, just working hard and grinding every day,” Jamison said. He also spoke on leadership from returning players like quarterback Khamar Carlisle and wide receiver Kameron Slade, in helping with his transition and Jamison said the Panthers “have a great group of seniors” who have been very helpful in leading by example for the younger players. “It starts up top with our seniors and we have a great group in Khamar, Slade, Nyseer, Bralen, they’ve just been leading,” Jamison said. The Panthers will open up the 2021 season on August 20 against Glenn Hills.


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