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PSN Spotlight - Fellowship Christian Set For BEST Academy Match Up

Fellowship Christian Paladins Football

The 2021 season for the Fellowship Christian Paladins means a new direction with a new head coach. But when that coach is one who comes with 40 year of experience that includes multiple region championships and state titles, then a new direction may be a good thing, as the case for the Paladins with new head coach Tim McFarlin at the helm. McFarlin, who has coached for 20 years in the Roswell area at neighboring schools Roswell and Blessed Trinity, recently retired after 10 years, seven region championships and three state titles with Blessed Trinity, but when a new opportunity came in the form of Fellowship Christian, McFarlin found himself right back in the game.

“For me, it was new and exciting, but it was made easier because most of our staff has been together for a lot of years,” McFarlin stated referring to assistants running backs coach, Roy Hickman and special teams coach, Jim Broadway whom both coached with McFarlin during his days with Blessed Trinity and Roswell. Also joining McFarlin’s staff is defensive coordinator, John Thompson, who served as a DC on the collegiate level for schools such as Mississippi, Arkansas and Florida and defensive lineman coach, Coleman Rudolph, whose resume includes playing collegiately for Georgia Tech and professionally with the New York Jets and New York Giants.

McFarlin went on to say that he and his staff have enjoyed their new beginnings with Fellowship Christian adding, “the kids have been very receptive to having us on campus,” admitting that getting used to a new offense and defense may be a bit tougher on the players, who McFarlin says had an eye opening moment following their loss to Trinity Christian and that has helped them “figure out what the measuring stick is here and where we need to be. When you take a bad loss, you can look at it two ways, it can get you down, or it can help define where you are and let you move.” McFarlin went on to say that he and his staff are optimistic that the Paladins will have a good performance on Friday when they take on BEST Academy.


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