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"Player Accountability" A Big Role In Rockdale County Preparing For The 2022 Season

Rockdale County Bulldogs get a word from head coach Lee Hannah during practice

It is just year number two for Lee Hannah as head coach of the Rockdale County Bulldogs, but with the start of the 2022 season just weeks away, the second year Bulldog’s head coach has seen plenty from his players this off-season that has him and his staff ready to see their guys under the lights on Friday nights and it starts with the accountability the players have displayed throughout the summer.

“The accountability piece with this year’s group was big. We needed that,” Hannah said of the Bulldogs’ players crediting some of their off the field activities, including a group book reading, for playing a vital role in bringing the team together and allowing the teammates to hold one another “accountable”. Hannah would also say that players “buying in” has also been a significant in the culture being built within the Bulldogs’ program.

“You have to have everybody on one accord trying to go in the right direction and doing it the right way,” something Hannah believes has been important for Rockdale during this past off-season. And with players holding each other accountable, Hannah says that has led to consistency all summer with players showing up and putting in work. “We worked from seven thirty to twelve Monday through Thursday and we had 80 kids roughly showing up every day”.

And with over 20 years of coaching under his belt, Hannah says players turning out throughout the summer has never been an area of concern yet the Bulldogs have impressed him with their commitment. “These kids held themselves accountable and they came to work every day and that was big and proved dividends for these kids,” Hannah added and noting that player leadership has been another area of major growth.

“Our guys, especially our seniors, they saw what we went through with a young bunch last year and they didn’t want to go down that same path so they stepped it up,” which has led to the team creating their “leadership nine” in which the players selected nine players to be at the forefront in being leaders for the team. All with all the work and dedication the Bulldogs have display this summer, Hannah is ready to see how his guys represent when they hit the field on August 19 when they face Landmark Christian. “I’m just anxious to see what mindset and passion they play with”.

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