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Lions' Control Match As Lovett Defeats Woodward 1-0

Lovett Lions Girls Soccer - Photo Credit: Aliya Maloof

On Tuesday night, the Woodward War Eagles girls soccer team hosted the Lovett Lions. Lovett controlled the game the entire night coming out with a strong offense and executing every possession.

Liza Sharpley (Lovett) - Photo Credit: Aliya Maloof

Lovett managed to score the first goal of the game within the first half thanks to a Liza Sharpley score as they took a 1-0 lead. In the second half, Woodward was able to get some offense going getting several shots on goal including a couple by Hayden Twiss and Wynter Golston but neither able to connect.

Lovett vs Woodward - Photo Credit: Aliya Maloof

Lovett would go on to pull out the win, with the final score being 1-0. Now the Lions get ready to take on Westminster this Friday. Watch highlights from the game below now!

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