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PSN Spotlight: Litterial Green MLK Invitational Tournament of Champions

For high school basketball players, an extra year to work on certain areas of their game is welcomed and many players take advantage of post grad programs to get an additional year of play and exposure to college recruits. In Atlanta, one of the most notable post grad programs, the American Basketball institute has created an atmosphere for players to not only get more time to develop their skills, but to also grow spiritually and mentally.

The importance of these athlete's growth is held close to the heart of ABI Chancellor, Litterial Green who knows what it takes to get to the next level having played for the University of Georgia and holds the schools all-time scoring record. We got a chance to stop by the Litterial Green MLK Invitational, which features some of the top post grad programs from around the country, over the King Day weekend and spoke with Mr. Green as well as players and coaches that participated in the invitational. Watch our exclusive PSN Spotlight below now!

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