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PSN Spotlight - Whitefield Academy Wolfpack Riding "Energy" of Senior Leadership

Whitefield Academy Wolfpack Football

The Whitefield Academy Wolfpack has gotten their 2021 season off to a great start as they opened up with a 13-0 win over Mount Vernon, their second consecutive win over the Mustangs. And for Whitefield head coach, Coleman Joiner, he and his team headed into this past off season with the mindset that the upcoming season, they could be successful “every Friday night”. “Last year was a huge step for us in seeing that, we’re not afraid to play anybody,” Joiner said, adding, “we’re looking forward to competing. We’re finding ourselves in every single game that we play and so going into this past off season, that was some wind in our sails because going into this year, we’ve got high expectations because we’ve got guys who believe that every Friday night we can be successful.”

Last season, the Wolfpack advanced to the Georgia High School Association second round for the second consecutive year and Joiner says that his senior core is “hungry” to help lead their team past that threshold and are putting in the necessary work. “They know there’s more past that and we found ourselves in a position last year to get past the second round and we came up short,” Joiner says, reflecting on the 2020 season. But, coming into this season, Joiner says, he’s guys have the mindset of “knowing what’s next, is absolutely possible,” and that the team is riding the energy of that senior leadership.

As the Wolfpack prepares for this week’s match up with Elbert County, joiner says, they’ll need to clean up a few things, but overall, he was happy with the performance of his team on both sides of the ball. His defense held Mount Vernon scoreless, while offensively, they produced over 300 yards of total offense running and throwing the ball well but turnovers and penalties had the Wolfpack leaving “points on the board” Joiner said. “We know we’ve got to clean some things up. But a game one win, a shutout, knowing you could do better, that’s kind of the best you can hope for early in the season,” Joiner said. The Wolfpack will travel to Elbert County on Friday and look to pick up their second straight win to start the season.


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