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Maynard Jackson Still Streaking With Wins Over Arabia Mountain & Douglass

Maynard Jackson breaks following timeout during match with Arabia Mountain

The Maynard Jackson Jaguars volleyball team continues to stay hot after wins over Arabia Mountain and Douglass extended their current win streak to nine in a row as they improved to 17-2 on the season. The Jags faced off against Arabia Mount first in a best of three match and in set one would ultimately control the set, never trailing after jumping out to a 4-0 lead.

However, in set two, the Rams found ways to throw the Jaguars off and after trailing 3-1, would go on a 9-4 run and take a 10-7 lead. “They kind of got us with the serving runs,” Jaguars senior hitter Saige Grider said of the Rams early run in set two that allowed the Rams to take the lead. “But I feel like after we got a pass, we got back into in out groove and winning the set,” Grider added.

And after trailing 10-7, the groove would be one to which the Jags would go on a 18-0 run in route to a 25-10 win of set two, allowing them to take the match 2-0. “We work well together,” Jaguars head coach Shakinah Alexander said of her players’ chemistry, which she credits off season activities such as camps, in helping develop. “The girls want to play for each other. It’s a we game, not a me game,” Alexander continued.

Next up for the Jaguars will be a region tri-match with Midtown and Villa Rica and as they look to keep their momentum, they know they’ll need to “keep up the hustle, working hard together as a team,” setter Nola Hemphill said as her teammate, Avery Boland, added “not letting any balls drop,” with Alexander nodding in agreeance with all three of her players.

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