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Jonesboro's Devon Rainey Signs NLI, First Cardinal Ever To Sign During Early Period

As the NCAA 2022-2023 early signing period continues, the Jonesboro Cardinals football program celebrated one of their own in defensive back and wide receiver, Devon Rainey. On Saturday, Rainey signed his National Letter of Intent to continue his academic and athletic career at the University of Buffalo. In addition to Rainy being the Cardinals’ player to sign this so far this season, he is also the first in the program’s history to sign during the early period since the NCAA adopted it.

“I think it’s a great accomplishment for Devon,” Jonesboro head football coach DeTimothy Floyd said following Rainey’s signing, also crediting Cardinals’ recruiting coach, Carmichael is his efforts to assist Rainey throughout the process. “It started with Devon because he put in the work and coach Carmichael came up, following up with the coaches and I think it’s a huge moment because when you sign in the early signing period, you’re pretty much a pretty good player. We’re excited about it and proud of him,” DeTimothy said of Rainey.

Rainey, a multisport athlete, showed much appreciation for those that came out to support him on his signing day, noting that as he reflected on the moment, seeing so many come out in support of him signaled the hard work he put in to get to this day had been recognized by many. “I feel accomplished. It’s been a long four years and I’m glad to see my hard work paying off and I’m ready to take the next step,” Rainey said after signing his NLI. “Knowing I have all this support, it keeps me motivated, it keeps me going. I really appreciate it,” Rainey added in regards to those who came out to support him.

Among some of Rainey’s other supporters on hand for his signing day was Jonesboro’s athletic director and head boys basketball coach, Dan Maehlman, who Rainey also plays for, added that moments like Friday are “what coaching is all about,” and seeing Rainey get to this point means a lot because he knows how hard it can be for any student athlete to do so. “What he’s done and what a lot of other kids here have done, basketball, football, you know all different sports, so just super proud to see what the future holds for him,” Maehlman said.


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