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Jonesboro Cardinals "Pushing Together" As They Prep For 2022 Season

Jonesboro Cardinals football getting week two of summer workouts underway

We’re about two months away from the first high school football kickoffs in Georgia, and teams around the state are now heading into week two of summer workouts, including the Jonesboro Cardinals and for head coach, De’Timothy Floyd and his staff, strength and conditioning are still going to be points of focus in week two of workouts.

“Progressing moving forward in week two, we most definitely have to get stronger,” Floyd said on Monday during the team’s morning workouts. He would add that continuing to “get in shape” would also be an area that the team will continue to focus on as they continue preparations for the 2022 season.

Representing Clayton County, the Cardinals have been one of the area’s most consistent teams to advance to the Georgia High School Association state playoffs in recent years, having earning first round bids that past four consecutive seasons. However, the Cardinals have yet to get past the opening round as they landed the number four seed in each of the previous four season, forcing them to face some pretty tough opponents in the opening round.

For Coach Floyd, he believes that getting over the first round hump will start with the team having better play during the regular season, especially when facing region opponents. “It’s most definitely been a trek trying to get over that hump, but I think playing better during the regular season and not being the number four seed,” in addition to improvement in offensive line play, better defensively and “small things” like ball security, takeaways and more can “most definitely” help Jonesboro with further advancement in the playoffs.

Floyd would also credit his coaching staff and the players in helping him building the program into what they have become and where they plan to go saying, “we still have a long way to go, a lot of work to do but there has been high points in the program and I’m proud to be a part of that and it starts with the players because they make me a much better coach and I have to give credit to the coaches that have been here over the years. All that those things together help boost the program up and although I’m the head coach, it’s all of pushing together to get to that point,” Floyd said.

The Cardinals will open up the 2022 season on August 20 against county rival, Mt. Zion.


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