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Georgia High School Basketball Continues To Shine Through GBCA Live Event

We’re almost a month into the summer break in Georgia, but as we know, in today’s day and age, that break is only from the classroom as sports programs are participating in various forms of summer activities. And for high school basketball teams, one of the biggest events of the summer to be involved in is the Georgia Basketball Coaches Association Live Event, which takes place over two weekends and gives college coaches and recruiters to see some of the state’s top prospects under one roof.

Launched in 2019, the GBCA Live Event has quickly grown into one of the nation’s top events for student athletes to participate in and has had a major impact on high school basketball in Georgia as it continues to be a platform to help players from around the state get more exposure. “It means a lot to me personally, but just as a coach in Georgia for over 20 years, to be able to create an environment for our student athletes that’s so impressive, it’s just really special,” Norcross head coach and GBCA member, Jesse McMillan said when asked about the impact of the event.

McMillan acknowledge that the event would not be would it is today had it not been for the efforts of all the Georgia high school coaches and GBCA members involved in the development of the event. “It’s a big group. It’s a lot of guys behind the scenes, a lot of support from GHSA, and a lot of our high school coaches put a lot of time and effort into it,” McMillan said, adding that being able to walk the courts of Lake Point over the weekend and “see the environment that our student athletes get to have is super rewarding”.

One of the first of its kind, the GBCA Live Event has grown to attract well over 100 college coaches and recruiters over the weekend and has been nothing but positive for high school basketball in Georgia. “It’s been an awesome event. When it first started, I thought it was a great idea,” Kell Longhorns head coach, Jermaine Sellers said of the event. Sellers went on to say that GBCA Live has not only been impactful on recruiting for his players, but also helped the Kell program gain more recognition.

“It’s benefitted my program just giving my kids the opportunity to play and get scholarships,” Sellers said adding that there have been players from the Kell program that have gotten scholarships just from playing in past GBCA Lives. “Not only that, it did a good thing for our program at Kell because we were matched up against some good competition,” Sellers said of participating in GBCA Live and that some of the programs they have faced were programs known for being successful, but during the season, they typically would not face. “That kind of put us on the map,” Sellers said.

The GBCA Live will continue with its second session June 24-26 and will feature teams from several states including Alabama, South Carolina, Florida, and North Carolina.


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