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NCAA Extending Division I Recruiting Dead Period Until June 30, 2020

As the coronavirus continues to impact the world, n Wednesday, the NCAA Division I Council Committee announced that they would be extending the recruiting dead period through June 30th with plans to review whether or not the extension needs to be pushed on May 27th. Back on April 1st, the committee had extended the dead period through May 31st. The impact of the extended dead period affects 2021 high school football recruits as they lose an evaluation and official visit periods. FBS programs are typically in a dead period from July 1st through July 24th, so with the current dead period extension, 2021 recruits will not have had an opportunity to make the necessary visits to help them make their commitments by the early signing period in December. 2021 recruits that participate in spring sports as well as some 2021 basketball recruits will also fell the impact of the current dead period as softball and baseball are typically in a dead period for most of the month of June while men's basketball has a dead period the later part of June and early part of July. In women's basketball, all of June is a dead period. If the dead period is lifted at the end of June, the question then becomes, will the NCAA make adjustments to the recruiting calendar to make up for the missed time?

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