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PSN Spotlight: B.E.S.T. Academy Eagles Cross Country

High school coaches all across the country are used to having to rebuild their programs. However, it is not often that when you do rebuild, you have to do it with student athletes that have never competed in organized athletics. For B.E.S.T. Academy Eagles cross country coach Valerie Missick, not only is she in a rebuild mode, she is doing so with only three returning runners and several runners that do not come from an athletic background.

Some coaches may see that as a challenge they would rather not deal with, while Coach Missick is all about that challenge as she prepares her team for the start of the cross country season. We got a chance to catch up with Coach Missick and the B.E.S.T. Eagles and spoke with her about getting her guys ready for the season. Watch our exclusive PSN spotlight on the B.E.S.T. Academy Eagles cross country team below now!

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