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Hurricane Irma Affecting New Points System In Florida High School Football

Hurricane Irma Path - Photo Credit: ABC News

As Hurricane Irma has begun its course along Florida’s western coast, it’s impact is already being felt by the Florida High School Athletic Association as many football games were cancelled over that past couple of weeks. Many would say, “can’t they just reschedule the games?” And the answer is yes, however, this is the first season of the FHSAA newly implemented points system which helps determine playoff berths. Under the new system, only the district champion gets an automatic playoff berth.

Photo Credit: Ed Reed/The News-Press

In addition, in each region, which composes of four districts, four more playoff berths are awarded based on points given for each win and loss and then divided by the total amount of games played. This is where things begin to get complicated as Irma has already caused some schools to cancel at least two games so far this season and there is potential for them to have to cancel more before it’s all said and done. Obviously, teams would be forced to find a way to reschedule the missed games which may be virtually impossible unless without having to play multiple games in one week a few times or the FHSAA extending the season to allow for teams to make up the missed games.

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