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Kentucky Becomes First State To Make Face Mask Mandatory For High School Softball

On Tuesday, the Kentucky High School Athletic Association announced that they would be the first state to make facial protection for pitchers, first basemen, and third basemen mandatory beginning in 2018. On top of passing the rule for the high school level, KHSAA has also recommended that the Middle School Advisory Committee implement the rule as well and plans to meet with them during the coming academic year. KHSAA had submitted their proposal to the National Federation of State High School Associations however, the NFSA Rules committee did not approve the proposal. KHSAA Commissioner, Julian Tackett expressed her disappoint in the NFSA Rules Committee failing to pass the proposal stating, “While I was disappointed with the NFHS Rules Committee in not approving the proposal, it was not altogether surprising as there will always be disagreement when required equipment issues are debated.” Tackett also went on to say that she was “thankful” that the KHSAA board “decided to act now rather than wait until the issue reaches critical mass”. Many took to Twitter to express their feelings on the matter with many in support of the new mandate while others showed were not in favor of the new rule.

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