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The Nation's 6th Ranked Running Back Commits to Tennessee

Ty Chandler Photo Cred: Samuel Simpkins

Senior running back, Ty Chandler, the 6th ranked running back in the country, has decided to stay close to home and has committed to the University of Tennessee. Chandler, a senior at Montgomery Bell Academy in Nashville, Tennessee, made his announcement on Monday saying, “Why not Tennessee? I just felt like it’s a great opportunity, and an opportunity to possibly come in and play as a freshman. Staying close to home and being able to have family come to games was important.” During the 2015 season, Chandler, a four-star prospect, rushed for 2,585 yards and 34 touchdowns and helped his MBA Big Red to the Blue Cross Bowl for a second consecutive year. “It was a difficult decision" Chandler says, adding “I just thought about some things and tried to figure out what situation would work best for me. It wasn’t until recently I found out what I wanted to do.” Chandler was also considering Auburn, Duke, Florida, Georgia, Ohio State and Ole Miss.MBA head coach Marty Euverard had the following to say in regards to Chandler's decision, “I think Tennessee is going to get one heck of a football player, and an even better person.”

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