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PSN Spotlight - Maynard Jackson Jaguars Baseball

As spring sports have officially gotten their seasons underway with the start of practices and scrimmages and with their first regular season game less than a month away, the Maynard Jackson Jaguars baseball team is in full swing with preparing to get the 2022 season underway. We got a chance to catch up with the Jaguars at a recent practice and although weather conditions forced the Jaguars to move practice indoors, that did not stop them from putting in the necessary work to get ready for the start of the season when they open up on February 8 when they host the Redan Raiders.

When speaking with Maynard Jackson head coach, Desmond Stegall, being back with his players as the Jaguars have returned several players from last season’s roster, is “a great feeling” especially in the times of COVID. “Just glad all my players came back safe and healthy in this COVID season,” Stegall said adding that “it’s a blessing” to have the opportunity to get another season underway. “It’s good to have us back together as a group,” Stegall said noting that in addition to seeing his guys in action on the field, he also gets the chance to help put them in position to be successful at the next level.

“The thing with me and making sure my guys get the best opportunities or put in the right places at the right times, because of my upbringing, I was in their shoes before so the work I’m doing is very intentional and it means something to me,” Stegall said adding that his goal is to provide is players with the best opportunities possible. And part of Stegall’s process with his players is the classroom like sessions he holds with players in which they have a chance to go over various situations on the field to prepare them for real game time situations.

“It’s a little different, but I feel like for most of these guys, they’re learning,” Stegall said noting that he understand that it can be challenging after his players have spent an entire day in the classroom and then being asked to sit in on team sessions can be a challenge. “It’s kind of like football, when you’re putting in a game plan, you write x’s and o’s on the board, you expect them to get the play, know where they’re going, so any situation I can breakdown and put it on the board, I want to show them what I want first before I get out on the field and yell at you for not doing it right,” Stegall said. The Jaguars will be on the field February 8 at home against Redan.


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