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PSN Up Next - Mikayla Dunston Ready To Make Impression At Next Level

Mikayla Dunston is a rising eighth grader and recently led her Babb Middle School girls basketball team to the Clayton County Middle School championship. Now with her middle school career officially over, Mikayla has her sights on preparing to make the jump to high school, where she looks to continue her basketball career.

In speaking with Mikayla, she admitted that when she was younger, she had no idea that should be one of Georgia’s top Class of 2026 girls basketball recruits. Prior to starting basketball, Mikayla was a cheerleader, something both she and her mother both thought she would do throughout her school years. “Fifth grade was my first time playing on a team,” Mikayla stated, and although she says the experience was not the best, she still enjoyed it.

“I liked the feeling of it and when I got into middle school, I tried out,” and from there the rest was history for Mikayla. Now fresh off a middle school championship, Mikayla is preparing to jump into her AAU season, where she plans to work on a few areas of her game to help prepare her for the next level. One area in particular, was the defensive end of the court.

“My first year of AAU, my defense wasn’t there, so I definitely want to work on defense,” Mikayla said, while adding that leadership is another area she plans to work on because she knows how important it will be for her because although she will be a younger player, she knows it will be best to be prepared when called on to “step up” and fill a role.


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