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Minority Track & Field and XS Coaches of Georgia Host First Invitational

On Saturday the Minority Track and Field and XS Coaches of Georgia hosted their first invitational featuring teams from around Atlanta metro area as well as American-Heritage out of Florida. The meet was full of some of the top runners from the state and many personal records being set throughout it. The day would end with the Archer Tigers with 42 points edging out American-Heritage, who finished with 40 points, to win the girls side and on the boys side, Shiloh would finish with 61 points for the win with McEachern coming in second with 40 points. Some of the PR's set on the day included Langston Hughes' CJ Lockhart who finished in a time 10.75 in the boys 100 meter dash and Maynard Jackson's Jessicka Woods, who finished in time of 14:12 in the girls 110 meter hurdles.

Following the meet we spoke with Discovery's Coach Wesley Etienne and Maynard Jackson's Coach Russell "Coach T" Thomas about the first MTFXSCGA invitational and the importance of bringing the meet to Georgia. "It's important for us to showcase the speed that we have," Etienne said adding, "We have schools from Florida coming up and they have speed and it made since to be able to put on a nice event that had a little Georgia/Florida battle and at the same time show that we're all about excellence academically and athletically and that we're building a culture that says we can work together." Thomas echoed, Etienne and added that he believed the event was a good culmination. "This started from an idea in June. Just a few coaches, we brainstormed and it grew like wildfire and we're here," Thomas said. Thomas added that the event featured top notch competition and that some of the times of the event would potentially be some of the top in the state for the first time event.


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