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Discovery Titans Continue To Build With "No Complaints" As Summer Workouts Conitnue

Discovery Titans kickoff week three of summer workouts

It is the start of week three of summer workouts in Georgia and the Discovery Titans football team are back to work. With two weeks of conditioning and studying of plays and formations under their belt, Titans’ head coach, Efrem Hill, says the team “continues to build” every week, this week they will slightly start transitioning to focus more on 11 man football activities.

“We have a padded camp next week so now we’re gearing towards more working towards that padded camp, getting away from the seven on seven stuff and getting the 11 on 11 things together,” Efrem said about the teams plans heading into this week. And as the Titans continue to work towards the new season, Hill says he and his staff have their players a strong emphasis on putting in the work with no complaints.

“If we’re out here working and nobody’s complaining, we’re getting better,” Hill said, adding that “leadership on the field and in that building” is another important point of focus for the Titans. “Those are the things that I feel that we have to continue to work on,” Hill continued, saying that as long as the Titans are zeroed in on be their best in those areas, it will translate for them onto the field.

Hill, now entering his eighth season as the Titans head coach also touched on how Discovery is working on things to help build the program into one of the area’s top programs and that includes the addition of a feeder program, something they have never had in the program’s history. “It will be our first year with a feeder program. It will be a seventh, eighth grader team,” Hill said, noting that with Gwinnett County arguably one of the most competitive in that state, it’s tough for a team to see success on the field if the players have not been playing prior to entering high school.

“So with that starting this year, we’ll continue to see the fruits of that the next two, three years,

Hill added. The Titans will open up the 2022 season on August 19 when they face county rival, Central Gwinnett.


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