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Roswell's '100 Percent' Leads to Win Over Blessed Trinity And Area Championship

Roswell's Carter Dowdy (center #17) battles through Blessed Trinity players

In their final regular season game of the season, the Roswell Hornets and Blessed Trinity Titans boys lacrosse teams did not disappoint as they put on a shootout classic in another installment of their rivalry. More importantly, Friday’s matchup would not have the area championship up for grabs, the Titans unbeaten record would also be on the line.

As expected, the contest was a dual to the finish as the first quarter would come to an end tied up 5-5 as the two teams traded blows to start the match. However, in the second quarter, Roswell would gain momentum thanks to junior Kyle O’Neal winning back to back face offs, including one in whichhe would score himself and eventually, the Hornets would take an 11-6 lead. Yet, the Titans close out the period on a 3-0 run and trail 11-9 at the half.

Similar to the opening period, the two teams would trade goals throughout the third quarter and the Hornets would lead 15-13 heading into the fourth and final period of play. Blessed Trinity would see momentum shift in their direction as they would come out with a 3-1 run to tie the game at 16 all, however as they had done all night, Roswell would answer back as Hill Plunkett would score to put the Hornets back on top 17-16 with 1:36 remaining in the game.

Winning the ensuing face off, the Hornets would be able to run out the remainder of the game to pick up the win for the area championship and ending the Titans perfect record. “Before the game, our coach, he told us ‘100 percent the whole time and we’ll be good’,” Roswell senior Alex Lobel said of their pre-game talk with head coach Bryan Wallace. Lobel added that, as they did with the back to back face off wins by O’Neal, they Hornets knew they had to “win the game in middle” and “pick up ground balls” to be successful against the talented and tough Blessed Trinity team.

“Every time they scored, we had our two strong face off guys, Kyle and Myles. Every single face off, they fought as hard they could. I think we went around 80 percent at the ‘x’, it allowed us to get the possession, create a game plan for that possession and capitalize off that. We did that pretty well this game,” Lobel added.


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