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Cardinals Bounce Back From Week 2 Loss, Jonesboro Defeats Woodland 19-7

A pair of 1-1 teams faced off on Friday night as the Woodland Wolfpack, coming off a 31-7 win over North Clayton, hosted the Jonesboro Cardinals, who were looking to rebound from a 58-7 loss to Buford. After a few possession changes in the first quarter, the Cardinals would strike first after Tremir Alexis connected with Rasheed Singleton for a 70 yard touchdown pass to give Jonesboro an early 7-0 lead.

The Cardinals would end up with possession once again and still leading 7-0 and an illegal hit by Devin Delanie of the Wolfpack would set the Cardinals up with a first and 10 at the Woodland 20 yard line but the Cardinals would settle for a field goal to take a 10-0 lead as they second quarter just got underway.

Later in the second quarter, the Cardinals would take a 16-0 lead after a third and goal rushing touchdown by Kendaris Hillman. In the third, an interception thrown by Woodland quarterback Khalil Hasaan would lead to another field goal for the Cardinals who would take a 19-0 lead and go on to win by a final of 19-7. Watch highlights from the game below now!

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