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Hapeville Charter Hornets Set For First Football State Title Game Appearance

If you are have traveled Buffington Road in College Park, Georgia often, then there is a good chance you have seen the campus of Hapeville Charter School. With that being said, when you heard that they had a football program, you probably said to yourself, I've never noticed a football field, maybe it is on the back side of the campus." Well, once again, if you have traveled along Buffington Road often, the you have definitely seen the field and it is not on the other side of the campus. In fact, it is that open area you see right along side of the road.

Unlike all of the other Fulton County Schools Football programs, the Hornets do not have their own football facility. In fact, the Hornets do not even have an actual practice field, at least not what most would visualize as a practice field. Despite the odds, the Hornets have won their second consecutive region championship and are headed to their first Georgia High School Association Football State Championship game. The Hornets went 9-1 during the regular season, winning eight straight after a week two loss to Thompson, the No. 3 ranked team in Alabama.

On Saturday, the Hornets will face an undefeated team in Rabun County and after their practice on Thursday, we caught up with head coach Winston Gordon as the Hornets put the finishing touches on their game plan for Saturday. "We do more with less, that's the motto" says Gordon when asked about the success of the program despite not having the resources other high school football programs have. "We don't worry about the conditions. If you really want to get anywhere, you can get anywhere from here and that's what we teach our kids. You put in the work, you'll get the results." Watch the full interview below now.

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