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Campbell second half comeback win over Dunwoody sparked by team's 'resiliency'

Campbell's Ava Cook #1 looks to dribble past Dunwoody defender

On Tuesday, the Campbell Spartans girls’ soccer team was back in action and looking bounce back from their first loss of the season when they fell to Harrison on Friday after their 2-0 start to the season. With the Dunwoody Wildcats on the pitch looking to pick up their first win of the season, the Spartans found themselves trailing 1-0 in the first half, despite control the ball throughout the half and getting some of the looks they wanted for shots.


In the second half, the Spartan continued to control the pitch, however, a physical game would eventully lead to a penalty kick for Campbell’s Ava Cook, who would sail the ball perfectly high enough over the Wildcats’ keeper, Mia Chamber’s fingertips and just under the cross to equalize and tie the match at 1-1. As the match continued, so did the physical play, leading to a second penalty kick that, Cook would once again send the ball perfectly over the fingertips of Chambers into the upper corner of the net, giving the Spartans their first lead as they went 2-1 and eventually picking up the win by the same score.


“Resiliency” Campbell head coach Troy Connolly said as he describe the performance of his players following Tuesday’s win. “I think that we controlled the game. I don’t know if they had any shots other than the one they poked through, maybe a couple of off chances from counters, but we controlled the game,” Connolly said, noting that was an area of focus for the Spartans. And while happy with the results of the match on Tuesday, Connolly admitted that he believes his players had a couple of things they could have done better.


“As much as we controlled the game, we didn’t generate a ton in the final third, as much as I think we should have with how much possession we had,” Connolly added, however he knows that with the season just getting underway, the Spartans have some time to work out the kinks. “Plenty to work, lots to build on, looking forward to it,” Connolly said.


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