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Whitefield Wrestlers Dominate In Tune Up Matches

Whitefield Academy Wrestling

Whitefield host tune up matches as wrestlers Juanes Henao, Christian Wiggins, Malcolm Grant and Jack Schuster looked good in individual matches. at 132, Henao would get things going as he would himself down by three points in the second round, but would make that a mute point as he would win the match by fall. Wiggins would win his match 14-5 at 152 as he dominated his opponent from the the first round.

At 160, Grant would see things going his way in the first round as he nearly one by fall but time would expire just ahead of the referee awarding him the victory. In the second round, Grant would go right back to work and would seemingly pick up where he left off, this time getting the win by fall. Schuster would also win by fall at 138 as he was in control of the match almost immediately.


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