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PSN Spotlight - Fayette County Tigers' Padded Camp Returns For Summer 2021

Fayette County Tigers Football Padded Camp Returns For Summer 2021

As summer activities have returned to normal for teams throughout the state of Georgia, that also includes the return of Fayette County’s padded camp which started back in 2018 when Coach Nick Davis took over the program. For Davis, bringing the camp was important because “it’s a big help” he and several of the other head coaches believe.

“Last year we didn’t get a chance to do it and come back out this summer and seeing the kids and coaches out, being able to get back together, it’s really great,” Davis said. Coach Davis also noted that the camp gives coaches the opportunity to really evaluate their players and see where they stand, something they were not able to do last summer because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

McEachern Indians head coach, Franklin Stephens also expressed his sentiments in the camps return and his team having a chance to participate. “Actually, I love it,” Stephens said as he continued, “Last year we missed so much and after you have been coaching a while, you have an idea of how you want to do things, how you go about business, and how you go about getting your team ready to perform for the season and last year we missed out on a lot of these types of activities.”

Stephens noted that with teams being able to have bring ball this year in addition to summer activities, the awareness of COVID-19 in the community is still a priority for teams, “but it’s been great being able to get out and have kids back in pads and have true summer participation.” Lovejoy head coach Edgar Carson echoed Stephens and Davis in the sense that the camp gives teams the opportunity to “work” against other teams.

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