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Holy Innocents "The Prep Slam 15" Gets Underway With Over 200 Wrestlers

Holy Innocents host over 200 wrestlers at "The Prep Slam 15"

On Thursday, the Holy Innocents Golden Bears wrestling team kicked off “The Prep Slam 15”, annual event in which wrestling teams from across the country make their way to Georgia to participate. This year’s edition of the annual two day event featured close to 40 schools representing 10 states including Texas and Pennsylvania, and had over 200 wrestlers and their families make the trip.

Day one of “The Prep Slam 15” kicked off with rounds of 32 wrestlers per weight class and continued through the quarterfinals and some of the consolation rounds. The event will resume on Friday and ending with the championship matches per weight class. While he was busy making his rounds to ensure the tournament was running smoothly, Holy Innocents wrestling head coach, Stacey Davis, gave a few minutes to share his thoughts on hosting the annual event.

“Amazing,” Davis said when asked about seeing wrestling teams travel miles and miles to continue to take part in the annual wrestling tournament. “I appreciate the students that are coming from all over the country. It says a lot about what we as a program try to do with this tournament and what it really means to these fans and parents that keep coming back to us,” Davis said of the support the tournament has had over the years. “I’m a proud coach to be a part of this program,” Davis added.

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