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PSN Spotlight: Duluth Wildcats Quarterback Lonnie Ratliff

To be a a starting quarterback on a varsity football team is something young football players all across the country work towards. To get that opportunity as a sophomore is something that young players could only imagine. Well for the Duluth Wildcats quarterback, Lonnie Ratliff IV, that is no longer a dream as the sophomore has been giving the opportunity to lead the Wildcats' offense in just his second year as a high school player. Ratliff understands the importance of taking on such a big role and at a young age knows that it will take more than showing up to practice and game day to be a good leader for the Wildcats. Just two days after Duluth's Friday night game, Ratliff is up and out for his 8AM training session with quarterback trainer Quincy Avery's QB Takeover, putting in extra work to better himself. We got a chance to speak with Ratliff on why he feels it is important for him to put in the extra work and how his experience has been so far as a starting quarterback as a sophomore.Watch our exclusive PSN Spotlight on Lonnie Ratliff IV below now!

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