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PSN Spotlight: Quarterback Leslie Richardson III of the Smoky Hill Buffaloes Football Team

Although his sophomore season has come to an end, Smoky Hill Buffaloes quarterback Leslie Richardson III (LR3) is looking forward to the 2019 season and he and the Buffaloes have good enough reasons to . During the 2018 season, the Buffaloes finished 10-1 with their one loss coming in the first round of the Colorado High School Activities Association 5A State Football playoffs to the Regis Jesuit Raiders.

Despite the season ending loss to the Raiders, LR3 and the Buffaloes had plenty to hang their heads high on. the 10-0 regular season record was the Buffaloes first winning season since 1990 and their Metro 10 Conference Title was the program's first since 1980. Richardson himself had some pretty significant milestones throughout the season including throwing for 987 yards and 13 touchdowns with one interception in a five game span.

Back in October, Richardson threw for 214 yards and five touchdowns against Mountain Range and in Smoky Hill's final regular season game against Westminster, Richardson accounted for four of the Buffaloes touchdowns. In each of those contest, Richardson was named "Offensive Player of the Game" by MaxPreps. We got a chance to speak with the 6-foot-2, 190 pound Richardson in a recent interview to discuss the successes of the 2018 season and how he plans to prepare for the 2019 season: Click here to view highlights of Leslie Richardson's 2018 season.

PSN - How Does It Feel Being A Part of A Historic Season?

LR3 - "Well first I have to give a shout out to our coaches. I personally think they prepared us for a great season. They got us mentally and physically right and when they stepped in, they changed the culture of our school. I also have to give a shout out to our defense because when we weren't able to get things done on offense, our defense came in getting key stops, scored a a few times and actually won us a couple games."

PSN - What Would You Say About Your Individual Performance This Season?

LR3 - "For my first year, it was a good experience but on the other end, I'm also around a lot of play makers like our offensive line. They come into practice everyday working. We've got great receivers that make the catches we need and make plays and we had a great year from our running back, Sanni Obasanjo, who rushed for almost 2,000 yards this year and that really helped me out."

PSN - What Are LR3's Off Season Plans To Help Take Things To The Next Level?

LR3 - "I'm playing basketball right now and then I'll run track once the track season rolls around. As far as football goes, I plan to do some lifting and get a little bigger and work on my passing because I believe that is an area I can always improve."

PSN - Is There Any Particular Area of Your Game You Want To Focus On?

LR3 - "Sometimes I get lazy with my feet and I want to be more consistent with my footwork which will help me with keeping my composure. You always have things you want to work on, but for me, those are a couple of the main things I want to work on."

PSN - What Is The Vibe of the Team Coming Off The Success of the 2018 Season?

LR3 - "We're looking forward to the 2019 season. For the most part, our whole team is returning and we all have some experience under our belt now. Obviously, the season did not end the way we wanted it to but we plan to approach next season focused and humbled and try and win games."

PSN - What Do You Want People To Know About LR3?

LR3 - "I'm 6'-foot-2, 190 pounds and I'm a dog. I've got heart, a motor and I'm a 3.4 GPA, student of the month and I can play!"

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