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High Hopes For High School Hoopers As End Of NBA's "One-And-Done" Rule Looms

Dwight Howard (L), LeBron James (C), Amari Stoudemire (R) - Photo Credit:

"My personal view is that we're ready to make that change." Those were the words of NBA commissioner Adam Silver as he addressed the media Tuesday evening following recent owners meetings in Las Vegas. Silver noted that support for to change the rule and allowing players to enter the NBA draft at the age of 18 is growing, however added that "It won't come immediately." Back in June, Silver sent a memo to teams which stated that should they change be made, it would not happen prior to the 2021 draft. "When I weighed the pros and cons, and given that Condoleezza Rice and her commission has to the NBA that dose one-and-done players now come directly into the league and, in essence, the college community is saying 'We do not want those players anymore,' I mean that sort of tips the scale in my mind that we should be taking a serious look at lowering our age to 18." said Silver. The NBA commissioner went on to say that after having discussions with NBPA executive director Michele Roberts and with the NCAA and USA Basketball to help engage and identify elite players, the next step would be to begin talks with the Players Association.

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