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Georgia High School Association Waives Weekday Restrictions Due To Hurricane Irma Forcing Multiple D

As Georgia braced for the impact of Hurricane Irma, the Georgia High School Association also had to prepare for the effects of the hurricane, which downgraded to a tropical storm by Monday, but still hit most of north Georgia with heavy winds and rains. Due to the weather, schools all across the state closed on Monday and Tuesday and cancelled all after school activities including all sports related events.

The impact of the cancellations is mostly felt by high school softball, volleyball and cross country teams as the playoffs are not too far away for each respective sport. In the wake the cancellations and the potential effects on the final standings, GHSA issued a statement on their website saying that “they would be “waiving the weekday restrictions through the remainder of the regular season” for all fall sports.

GHSA plans to begin their playoff season for each fall sport on its respective scheduled date and the date that area/region must be determined will also remain the same therefore, the waiving of the weekday restrictions will allow teams to make up any region games on any day necessary with the exception of Sundays, which is still prohibited.

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