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#4 Recruit of the Class of 2017, Michael Porter Jr. Joins Father At Washington

Michael Porter Jr. (Joshua S. Kelly)

Michael Porter Jr., who is the number four recruit of the class of 2017, has decided to join his father and Huskies Head Coach, Lorenzo Romar, at Washington. Porter Jr. is considered "the most polished player in the Class of 2017," according to ESPN's Jeff Goodman. "A skilled, athletic forward who can shoot it from beyond the arc," continues Goodman, describing Porter Jr.'s' play. Virginia, Indiana, Oklahoma, and Missouri were all in the sites of Porter Jr., who says being to able to convey how he saw his college career path playing out and his trust for his father and Romar, made it easy for him to give the Huskies the hat tilt. "My dad told me it was the best place for me to get to the next level," Porter Jr. says, adding, "I trust my dad and I trust Coach Romar." Porter Jr is a 6-10, 212 small forward at Nathan Hale High School in Seattle, Washington and will be playing for the U.S. Under 18 national team in Chile.

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